Instant Conference Solutions

Instant Conference Solutions enable real time conversations with the entire team, with the possibility of connection through a simple auricular touch or even without hands, providing an easy and effective communication.

With up to 12 hours of battery life, auriculars guarantee total communication connectedness for over more than one workday.

Instant Conference Solutions are perfect for Retail, Catering or Events as they enable clear conversations in any place within the company. It is also possible to insert fixed terminals in designated places of a shopping mall, so that customers can request for help, being met by the most suitable and/or available employee at the moment, thus increasing the response speed and resulting in customer satisfaction.

Instant Conference Solutions increase safety within a commercial venue, placing the entire team in perfect tuning, ready for any occurrence in one of the places in the venue.

Connected teams produce better results and that increases the effectiveness of the service and the customer satisfaction.

Instant Conference Solutions

Benefits of Instant Conference

Benefits of Instant Conference


Rapid Communication

Employees keep in touch with each other

Alert the team for some urgent matter

Monitor stock levels

Answer calls directly


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