Access Control

Electronic locks are an access control system that enables to collect the benefits of technology and, at the same time, offers the maximum security and comfort to users.

Door locks with electronic systems enhance the experience and interaction of any business. Besides increasing the usability of every environment, it grants them protection and allows supervision and control by the users. It is efficient, easy to install and to use. Hardware and software may be connected to a wireless network.

We provide a set of RFID accessories so that users can authenticate. RFID technology allows information exchange without contact between the card and the card reader, providing a cleaner, safer and hygienic environment to the employees, external visitors and guests.

Access Control

Access Control: Electronic lock management

Openskills sells, installs and maintains the access control systems for companies through three platforms:

  • Platform Software Licence ProAccess
  • Platform in Cloud
  • Platform through Bluetooth – APP

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Access Control: Electronic lock management

Platform XS4 provides a wide range of the most comprehensive and versatile products, enabling access control in different sectors, from office and government buildings to health institutions, education, hotels, local accommodation and airports.

Salto virtual network data-on card

Virtual network SALTO eases, according to the needs, the access control of doors and users. It enables independent locks to read, receive and record information, using a data system in the safe and encrypted card that uses the RFID reading/recording technology resources.

Introducing an intelligent card to an independent offline door, it controls not only the access rights to that door, but also records data, such as black list information or the battery status. The intelligent card sends those information back to the server by online wall readers, able to update and receive information from cards, anytime and in any place of the building-

Access Control: Electronic lock management

Benefits of Electronic Locks

Intelligent Access control, which provides a different experience

Simplified management

Simplified management in operation control

Real time security with automated tasks

Easy maintenance with agility and speed in check in and check out