IoT Solutions

IoT solutions connect machines and devices to the Internet, converting them into intelligent equipment, that communicate with each other, by standard protocols.

They are equipped with technology that is able to capture, exchange and send information to a single platform, where data is analysed and converted into important information for business analysis and management.

IoT Equipment/sensors management platforms enable alarming, automatisms and trigger processes to guarantee the integrated operation of IoT multilabel sensors, reducing the costs, with a more effective operation.

We highlight some solutions for energy management, mobile asset management and guest comfort and welfare.

IoT Solutions

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Benefits of IoT solutions

There are countless benefits of IoT solutions for different markets

Hospitals and Clinics: patients may use connected devices that measure heart beats or blood pressure, for example, and the collected data are sent to the central system that controls the exams in real time

Retail: IoT technology can help measure, in real time, the productivity of the machines or signal sectors that are in need for more equipment or supply; at stores, intelligent shelves can inform when some products are missing, which is the product less sold or what are the hours when products sell more.

Agriculture: Sensors spread in food products crops can provide quite accurate information about temperature, soil moisture, probability of rain or wind velocity. Likewise, it is possible to place sensors connected to animals, like a chip that performs tracking and saves the animal´s history.

Logistics: sensors installed in lorries, containers and even individual boxes, combined with traffic information, can help to define the best routes, choose the most suitable vehicles for certain areas and which deliveries are best distributed for the fleet.

Education: IoT technology can be used to control student attendance, by facial recognition cameras or device recognition of students connected to its network. It also makes it possible to connect all venues and objects in school as access to laboratories, buy food in the canteen and verify the availability of books in the library.

Hotel Business: IoT technology can be used to increase guest comfort and, at the same time, enables the reduction of energy costs by placing sensors in the rooms that detect presence, open doors and the Minibar status. Moisture detectors provide rooms with the appropriate moisture level to prevent fungi, in months with a lower occupation level.